“Rock Never Dies, Kwai Ever Dance,” The Concert DVD Playlist IN ENGLISH

Kwai ever dance

Below is the playlist, linked to the translations if I have them, for the DVD Rock Never Dies, Kwai Ever Dance, the exclusive concert at Aed Carabao’s home in Sattahip, on his 59th birthday in November 2013. This 3-hour concert includes 45 songs, half of which are strung together in a medley. It includes both old and new songs, including many great songs off Sawadee Pratet Thai (Hello Thailand), which had just come out. It is an EXCELLENT introduction to Carabao, the greatest rock band in the world, which just so happens to be Thai. See my RAVE REVIEW.  The theme of this concert is rock ‘n roll. You will find the music accessible, especially having the translations below.  Americans and others who can’t read Thai and don’t live in Thailand may BUY THE ALBUM HERE from the helpful people at ThaiCD. But be aware of the zone problem. You may have to play your DVD on a computer.

By the way, “Kwai” means water buffalo, as does “Carabao.” “Kwai” is the Thai word for water buffalo, and “carabao” is a word from the Philippines.  The English word “Ever” in this case is used incorrectly, so I can only guess, but I presume the translated title of this DVD is “Rock Never Dies, Buffaloes Always Dance”

1) มนต์เพลงคาราบาว Mon Pleang Carabao (The Spell of Carabao Songs)

2) เจ้าตาก Jao Dtak

3) วันพ่อ Wan Paw (Father’s Day)

4) ซานตาน่าคาราบาว Santana Carabao

5) รั้วทะเล Rua Talay (Ocean Barrier)

6) ลูกแก้ว  Luuk Geow (Glass Child)

7) ลูกหิน Luuk Hin (Stone Child)

8) นางงามตู้กระจก  Naang Ngaam Dtoo Grajok (Glass Cabinet Beauty Queen)

9) กัญชา Ganja (Marijuana)

10) เพื่อชีวิตติดล้อ Peua Cheewit Dit Lor (For Life on Wheels) [The Motorcycle Song] [With Sek Loso]

11) วณิพก Wanipok (The Beggar) [With Sek Loso]

12) หำเทียม Ham Tiam [With Sek Loso]

13) คนเก็บฟืน Kon Gep Feun (The Firewood Collector)

14) คนล่าฝัน Kon La Fun (Dream Chaser)

15) วิชาแพะ Wecha Pae

16) ใครวะแก๊แก่ Krai Wa Gae Gae

17) สวัสดีประเทศไทย Sawadee Prathet Thai (Hello Thailand!)

18) สัญญาหน้าฝน Sanya Na Fon (Rainy Season’s Promises) [sung by Khun Uan]

19) แม่สาย Mae Saai

20) ยายสำอาง Yaai Samang (Good-Looking Grandma)

21) บิ๊กสุ Big-Su

22) Carabao Medley (A medley of the following 21 songs, just a verse or two of each)

ล้างบาง Lang Bang
วณิพก Wanipok (The Beggar) [again without Sek Loso]
ราชาเงินผ่อน Rachaa Ngern Pon (King of Credit)
คนจนผู้ยิ่งใหญ่ Kon Jon Poo Ying Yai (Poor Person, Great Person)
รักทรหด Rak Torahot (Enduring Love)
ซาอุดร Sa-Udon
เวลคัมทูไทยแลนด์ Welcome to Thailand
????? [Kow Neo Som Dtam]
กระถางดอกไม้ให้คุณ Grataang Dokmai Hai Kun (A Pot of Flowers for You)
Surachai Sam Cha
ทินเนอร์ Tinner (Paint Thinner)
สามัคคีประเทศไทย (Samakee Pratet Thai!) Thailand Unite!
ตาตี๋ Dta Dtee (Grandfather Dtee)
ข่าวดี Kow Dee [Mee Kow Dee Ma Bok]

23) ทะเลใจ Ocean Heart (Telay Jai)

24) กินลมชมบาว Gin Lom Chom Bao [Huge extended jam session with like 7 guest musicians, including Laem Morrison]

25) บัวลอย BUA LOYYYYYYY!!!!! [Another huge extended jam session with all the guest musicians]