Carabao Songs with Sequels

Below is a list of Carabao songs* with sequels. Many of the pairs of songs are spaced quite far apart in time, such that even fans are often unaware that their favorite song from the classic period has a sequel.

I’ve included my own zero-to-three star ranking, so you can see how relatively important they are. A three-star song in the Top 100 of Carabao songs and is a very favorite song. A one-star song is “Nice!” A zero-star song is not in the top 25% of Carabao songs. It is no surprise that a three-star Carabao song would have a sequel, but it is somewhat surprising how often the sequel turns out to be as good the original song.

The first example may be the most striking example of this. The sequel ลูกลุงขี้เมา Luuk Lung Kee Mow (Child of the Drunken Uncle) was written for the 25th Anniversary of the band, which is 25 years after ลุงขี้เมา Lung Kee Mao (The Drunken Uncle) appeared as the first song on the first album. There is a “punch line” in the second song, linking to the first song, that is really powerful.

The 10 Tuk Kwai Tuey songs, are covered in a separate article. (Note that the song “Bua Loy” listed below as having a sequel, is also part 5 of the 10-part Tuk Kwai Tuey saga told in 10 songs spanning the first 10 Carabao albums.) The “Made In Thailand” sequels will be covered in a separate article.

ลุงขี้เมา Lung Kee Mao (The Drunken Uncle), in 1981 ✰✰✰
ลูกลุงขี้เมา Luuk Lung Kee Mow (Child of the Drunken Uncle), in 2007 ✰✰✰

หนุ่มสุพรรณ Num Suphan (Young Man from Suphan), in 1981 ✰✰✰
หนุ่มสุพรรณ 2 Num Suphan 2 (Young Man from Suphan 2), in 1988 ✰✰

วณิพก Wanipok (The Beggar), in 1983 ✰✰✰
ยายสำอาง Yaai Samang (Good-Looking Grandma), 1993 ✰✰✰ [Not officially a sequel, but seems like a sequel**]

ดือนเพ็ญ Duan Pen (Full Moon), in 1984 ✰✰✰
พลจันทร์เดือนเพ็ญ Polachan Duan Pen (Polachan’s [Song] “Full Moon”), in 1989 ✰✰✰
SEE ALSO: ชีวิตสัมพันธ์ Cheewit Sampat (Related Life), in 1987 ✰✰✰

ลูกหิน Luuk Hin (Stone Child), in 1984 ✰✰✰
ลูกแก้ว Luuk Geow (Glass Child), in 1984 ✰✰✰ [These two songs followed each other on the album Made in Thailand and are often played together in this order***]

หำเทียม Ham Tiam (Dildo), in 1984
หำเฮี้ยน Ham Hian (Ham is Strong Enough to Do It), in 1985

บัวลอย Bua Loy, in 1984 ✰✰✰
เห็นมั้ยบัวลอย Hen Mai Bua Loy? (Do You See This, Bua Loy?) in 2014 ✰✰✰

อเมริโกย Ameri-goy, in 1985 [The title is is a pun usually translated “Greedy Americans”] ✰✰✰
กัญชาคอมมิชชั่น Ganja Commission (Cannabis Commission), in 2019 ✰✰✰ [Not an official sequel, but I strongly feel it is a sequel]

สืบทอดเจตนา Suep Tot Jaydtana (Carrying Out Suep’s Intentions), in 1990
คอริดอร์ Corridor, in 2006 [สืบทอดเจตนา 2 Suep Tot Jaydtana 2 (Carrying Out Suep’s Intentions 2)]

เพลงของกู Playng Kong Gu (My Song), in 2017 ✰✰
เพลงของกู เวอร์ชั่น 3 Playng Kong Gu Version 3 (My Song, Version 3), in 2017 ✰✰✰
My Song, written by Add Carabao partly IN ENGLISH in 2002 ✰✰✰

*By Carabao song, I mean Carabao (the band) plus Add Carabao (solo) songs.
**Both songs are about a blind musician who roams around playing and begging for money [busking]. In the first song the person is fictional. In the second, she is real. The two songs are spaced a multiple of 5 years apart (10), as with some other songs with sequels, and they were selected as the two songs played during the 2nd Carabao jam session with Santana, in 2016.
***Like the Queen songs “We Will Rock You” and “We are the Champions.”