Poem: แด่…น้าเป้า คาราบาว (To . . . Uncle Pao Carabao)

By กุดจี่ Good G (Pornchai Saenyamoon)

The Carabao community morns the loss of เป้า คาราบาว Pao Carabao, former drummer with the band during the classic period. He passed away July 14, 2017. I’ve translated a poem that musician “Good G” Pornchai Saenyamoon (who is not a member of Carabao) wrote for Uncle Pao Carabao. Many Carabao songs are referenced in the poem, so I have linked to them. (Many Thai band members include the name of their band in their stage name. This is Thai custom. The band members are not blood relations.)

The music world has the sound of the drums of Uncle Pao
Tapping the foot of Carabao, endeavoring to satisfy the aim
Joining the line making Buffalo Head music
The power of the drum supports the group until the end of the song

The aim [Pao] of the power: to possibly find that true friend*
Meet Bua Loy, the person who passed, yet still so cool.
Meet our Perservering Soldier
เจอตาตี๋ผู้ครื้นเครง เจอเฒ่าทะเล
Meet Dta Dtee, the jolly person, meet the Old Man of the Sea

The Road of Life is impermanent, like Corrugated Iron [on the roof]
From Good News, it turns into the final bad news
ลุงขี้เมา แป๊ะขายขวด เขาซวนเซ
The Drunken Uncle, The Bottle Collector, they are doddering
The Beggar takes off to wander on whatever road.

The Tough-Skinned People aren’t invulnerable like a wave
คนเก็บฟืน สองผู้เฒ่ายังยิ่งใหญ่
The Firewood Collector, the Two Old Men are still Great
The power of the sound of Uncle Pao’s drums still excites
It will endure forever in the Spell of the Song

*Pao Carabao’s first name means “aim”