Looking Back at Carabao Multiple-of-Five Anniversary Songs

Multiple-of-5 Anniversaries of the band Carabao are celebrated with special songs and events. On these occasions, it’s time to get “meta” and reflect on the whole Carabao musical project, its goals and accomplishments, consider the future, and have the band take a bow and thank the fans. This site has translations for the following anniversary songs of Carabao:

The 0-th Anniversary, 1981: มนต์เพลงคาราบาว Mon Pleang Carabao (The Spell of Carabao Songs) ✰✰✰ This is the spooky Carabao “mission statement,” which the band stuck to so closely, it works perfectly for any anniversary, and is indeed used for that purpose.

The 15th Anniversary: สามช่าคาราบาว Sam-Cha Carabao ✰✰✰ (on the comeback double album หากหัวใจยังรักควาย Hak Hua Jai Yang Rak Kwai “If Your Heart Still Loves Buffaloes”)

The 20th Anniversary: เพลงไม่มีวันตาย Playng Mai Mee Wan Dtai (Songs Don’t Die) ✰✰

25th Anniversary: ลูกลุงขี้เมา Luuk Lung Kee Mow (Child of the Drunken Uncle) ✰✰✰ For the 25th Anniversary, Add wrote a breathtaking part 2 to one of the best-loved songs Carabao songs from the first album. “Child of the Drunken Uncle,” is even better than ลุงขี้เมา Lung Kee Mao (“The Drunken Uncle)”,  which is the title song of the first album. Similarly, ลูกลุงขี้เมา “Child of the Drunken Uncle” is the title song of an amazing 25th Anniversary double album.

30th Anniversary: กำลังใจคาราบาว Gamlang Jai Carabao (Carabao Strength of Spirit/Moral Support) ✰✰✰. It’s the title song of a special anniversary album. Also check out this valentine to the fans (including English-speakers) on that same album: เพลงแบบไหน Pleang Baap Nai (What Kind of Song [Do You Want to Hear]?); English title is “Harmony of Hearts.” ✰✰✰

I believe there was an official 35th Anniversary song written by Keo Carabao and it didn’t grab me, so I don’t have it translated.

40th Anniversary: 40 ปี ฅนคาราบาว See Sip Bpee Kon Carabao (40 Years of Carabao People) [Ye Olde Carabao Band: 40 Years] ✰✰✰
And on the same album: มาร์ช 40 ปี คาราบาว March See Sip Bee (40th Year Carabao March). ✰✰

Congratulations to Carabao on 40 years composing and performing inspiring music. 36 years after the song “Made in Thailand” literally stopped me in my tracks and changed the course of my life, I am still under The Spell of Carabao Songs.

Ann Norman