Add Carabao’s birthday songs to himself (reflections about his life and getting older):

Just like the set of songs written to commemorate Multiple-of-5 Anniversaries of the band Carabao, in recent decades, Add Carabao (Yuenyong Opakul) has written songs to commemorate his own birthdays. Above is the most recent song “66′ เพื่อเธอ (69, For You), as first posted to Meta from the Add Bao Facebook page.  These birthday songs look both backwards (assessing the time already spent) and forwards. They often address mortality head on, which is the Buddhist way. Add Carabao’s real first name is Yuenyong, which means “endurance,” which is important for two songs that build on the truth that Yuenyong doesn’t yuenyong (Endurance doesn’t endure/He himself, Yuenyong, won’t endure). In the list, I have included some autobiographical songs that reflect on life lived so far and/or aging/approaching mortality even if I have no proof they were written for a particular birthday.

ยืนยง Yuenyong (Age 35)*
ไม่ยืนยง Mai Yuenyong (Not Endure [Forever]) (age 50)  ✰✰✰
ระฆังชีวิต Rakang Cheewit (The Life Bell) (age 60)
อย่าเพิ่งตาย Yaa Peung Dtai (Don’t Die Just Now) (age 61)  ✰✰✰
เพลงของกู เวอร์ชั่น 3 Playng Kong Gu Version 3 (My Song, Version 3) (age 63, and written near the birthday)  ✰✰✰
My Song (age 65) ✰✰✰ **
ยอดมนุษย์ 2% Yot Manut Song Percen (The Top 2 Percent of Humanity) (age 68) ✰✰
69′ เพื่อเธอ 69 Puea Ter (69, For You) (age 69, obviously) for the official YouTube, ✰✰ for the live version at the top of the page.

*This song doesn’t grab me, because of its repetitive melody, but the music video is MUST see. In it, Add Carabao is in the prime of his life and has never looked more the rock star that he, of course, always is. If you mostly know Add Carabao as an older man, check this out.
** Written in English, with Teewa Sarachuta sharing writing credits.

NOTE: My star system, is being revised, so this rating (my most recent assessment) may or may not match the rating in the index. (Three stars used to mean “Top 100” but as time goes on there are more than 100 three-star songs.)