Carabao performed an English-language version of “Made In Thailand” in the US

This song was on the Carabao compilation album เพลงไม่มีวันตาย Plaeng Mai Mee Wan Dtai (Songs Will Never Die). It is not currently available.

This amazing live version of “Made in Thailand” was performed in the United States around 1985 right after Carabao shot to superstardom in Thailand. I was in Thailand at the time and watched clips of that US concert on the news. (Thierry Mekwattana sings the English version; then Add Carabao sings the Thai version.)

“Made in Thailand” is a song that is aimed directly at a specific time, so several other versions of “Made in Thailand” address the situation in other decades. But usually, in live concerts, one or two lines of original “Made in Thailand” is switched up to keep the song fresh.

This version begins in English, so I won’t translate the English, some of which is hard to hear and some of which doesn’t make sense to me, but it is a criticism of American militarism. The English may be “wrong,” nevertheless, the performance is perfect.

Click here to see the original Thai version of “Made In Thailand” with translation