กัญชา (Ganja) by Twopee Southside, feat. Add Carabao

Artist: Twopee Southside Featuring แอ๊ด คาราบาว (Add Carabao), IG, and Djtob
YouTube released: Nov 7, 2019

This rap song riffs off the early Carabao song “Ganja,” an anti-marijuana song that served as a pro-marijuana song in thin disguise. The original song “Ganja” is very evocative of the atmosphere as people sit together outside smoking under the stars, and among Carabao’s most popular songs. In more recent years, band members wrote songs apologizing for the original song “Ganja” and the band joined a successful fight to decriminalize marijuana in Thailand and legalize medical marijuana. Now there is a whole Carabao special album “Miracles of Cannabis” (2019) gathering songs from that pro-marijuana campaign (Use the “Lyrics by Album” tab to find these songs, some of which are quite good!). This song “Ganja” by rapper Twopee Southside is very tuned in to the feel of the original song “Ganja,” and also may be referencing lines and themes from famous Carabao songs in a backhanded way–an appropriate homage to the band that did an anti-marijuana song while smoking ganja themselves.

ADD: *ค่ำคืนนี้ยังมีดวงดาวเจิดจ้า
Tonight the stars looks so bright
the sky looks clear
to the end of the wide horizon
There’s never a night the darkness is close for long*

Kid uh ดวงดาวยังส่องแสงแหงนหน้ามีดวงจันทร์พวกกูมารวมตัวก็ถึงเวลาที่รวมควัน
Kid uh. The stars are shining. Look up and there’s the moon. All of us get together and its time to smoke together
กู with my clique on tour มึงดูเข็มทิศละกัน
Me with my clique on tour. How about you look at a compass?
Sometimes [we] should think to be afraid to do the things we shouldn’t do.
แต่แม่งเป็นประจำพอ on one แล้วมีชีวิตชีวา
But it’s just an *expletive* a regular thing. On one, let’s live it up!
Sitting and being with friends, matters behind us we don’t think of the time
Livin’ my dream ในความฝันเหมือนในหนังโฆษณา pass me the blunt the night still young มันก็คงไม่ใช่ปัญหาอะ
I’m livin’ my dream! In a dream like in a commercial. Pass me the blunt. The night’s still young. It shouldn’t be a problem.
เกิดปี 90 แต่ปี 2000 มาเลี้ยงกู
I was born in 1990, but the year 2000 came and raised me/threw me a party [it’s a pun]
ตี 3 นั่งอยู่ในสตูฯ กูยังคงใช้ตังต้องเลี้ยงดู
At 3 am, still sitting in the studio I still use money. I must raise myself up [?]
แต่แม่ง every night เกือบทุกๆ คืนอะกู live my life เหมือนไม่ยอมให้คืนอะ still got the pride
But every *expletive* night, almost every single night, I live my life, like I not willing to go back [“night” and “go back” are homonyms]
ยังมีจุดยืนอะมึงมาจากไหนมึงต้องไม่ลืมซิ so let’s smoke it
I still have a standpoint. Where’d you come from? Make sure you don’t forget. So let’s smoke it.

ADD: *ค่ำคืนนี้ยังมีดวงดาวเจิดจ้า
Tonight the stars looks so bright
the sky looks clear
to the end of the wide horizon
There’s no chance darkness is very close for long*

I have a light ready. A point in the dark moonless night
A splash of light, lighting things lustrously
ไม่มีวันมืดมิด เงียบสงัด
There’s no chance for it to be dark and silent

ยังคงขับเคลื่อน พลังพวกกูมันเครื่องจักร
We’re still moving. The strength of our group it’s an engine
Like a door that is open so you see the bright light
กริยา วาจา ทำให้มึงกระจ่าง
Words and speech make you clear and distinct
ทั้งวรรณยุกต์ ทุกพยางค์ พวกกูแตกต่าง
Tone marks, each syllable, we’re different from each other
Rap คือยาเสพติดที่ยังคงเสพไม่มีวันสร่าง
Rap is a narcotic that remains addictive, with no chance of recovery
เลือนลาง ไม่เจือจาง พวกกูแน่น
Fading away, [but] not diluted. We’re tightly crowded together
Flowing. I only ask you pass the fuel that makes us run.
Fuck the bullshit ขอทิ้งไว้ข้างทาง
Fuck the bullshit. Throw it away by the side of the road.
อีกไม่นาน hope to see you again at Thugz mansion
Not much longer and I hope to see you again at Thugz mansion

When the sun drops below the horizon
Like our bodies which are weary
สิ่งรอบตัว มันหลอกตา
Things around us fool the eyes
ความกลัว เค้าหลอกมา
Fear comes in to deceive us
The heart that is fragile
The smoke smothers until the lungs are numb
I never thought I would say goodbye
I have always believed
The light of the stars
The reflected light of the moon
The smoke that flows through the water
เหมือนอุปสรรค ต้องฝ่าฝัน
Like an obstacle [one] must struggle through
Use a flashlight to light the path
ใช้ความคิดเพื่อเขียน rhyme
Use your thoughts to write rhymes
ล่องหน เหมือนได้ท่องเวลา
Vanish like you can time travel
ความทุกข์ก็หาย ในทันตา
Suffering disappears immediately

ชีวิตมีเกิดแก่ มีสุข มีแย่ มีหย่อนยาน
Life has birth, old age, has happiness and distress, it has laxness**
มึงอย่าท้อ ถึงคนเค้าล้อ
Don’t be downhearted, to the point that people make fun of you
Nobody keeps losing forever
Because in the time of night there still are stars that are bright
ถ้าล้มแล้วมึงลุกขึ้นยืน ก็คุ้มแล้วที่เกิดมา
If you fall, get up again. It’s worth being born into this world

ADD: *ค่ำคืนนี้ยังมีดวงดาวเจิดจ้า
Tonight the stars looks so bright
the sky looks clear
to the end of the wide horizon
There’s no chance darkness is very close for long

*Other possible translations of this line: “There is no night when darkness is close for long” or “There is no night the complete darkness lasts for long.”

**This is a variation on a Buddhist saying as well as a variation of a refrain from a famous Carabao song “Kon La Fun.”

It’s hard to know how many of the themes and metaphors of this song purposely refer to famous Carabao songs (beyond “Ganja”), and how many are just metaphors themes and metaphors common to many to many Thai songs, but I hear echos of Carabao songs in “ชีวิตมีเกิดแก่ มีสุข มีแย่,” (Kon La Fun) “ถ้าล้มแล้วมึงลุกขึ้นยืน” (Kwam Chuea by Bodyslam featuring Add Carabao). And actually the entire last rap verse sounds like a Carabao song.