Album of Add Carabao covers of สายัณห์ สัญญา Sanyan Sanya’s songs: A Review of “รักสายัณห์น้อย ๆ แต่รักนานๆ ” (“Love Sanyan Little by Little, But for a Long, Long Time”)

by Ann Norman (4/14/2018)


In this album, Add Carabao covers the songs of famous Luuk Tung (Thai Country) singer Sanyan Sanya, and it’s BEAUTIFUL! Sanyan Sanya’s most famous song was “รักหน้อย ๆ  แต่รักนานๆ ” (“Rak Noi Noi, Dtae Rak Naan Naan”) “Love Little [by] Little,  But Love for a Long, Long Time,” meaning, “Love me a little bit at a time so as to to make love last; don’t get infatuated and then burn out.” The title of this album invites us to”รักสายัณห์น้อย ๆ แต่รักนานๆ” “Love Sanyan Little by Little, but for a Long, Long Time.”

This musical style sounds very old timey and very “Thai.” The direct translation of “Luuk Tung” is “Child of the Fields,” and indeed Sanyan Sanya grew up in a family of farmers and working in the fields, and then pumping gas, until he began traveling to, and winning, singing contests, and earning a living in various bands, also as a dancer. He died five years ago, and the money from this rather expensive album goes to help his family.

I knew this was going to be good when Add Carabao (or someone close to him) began posting video of him practicing the songs Karaoke-style in a bedroom or a kitchen. Grasping a water bottle or a TV remote as a pretend microphone, and straining to concentrate, he would belt out a challenging song, and nail it. The results were memorizing. If the iPhone video was this good, how good would an official studio album be? Yeah, it’s perfect.

This album was a really great idea. Sanyan Sanya’s songs are just great Karaoke songs that test one’s skill as a singer. It about the vocal gymnastics, showing off one’s range, and making the most out of every note. And Add Carabao is an amazing singer . . . still. I got to meet him once, immediately after a sound check, and my first words to him were, “Wow . . .  you sound as good as you ever did!” Add Carabao has already done an album of old timey songs, with a sound similar to this album: รอยคำรณ Roi Kam Ron (1994) . It is one of my favorite Add Carabao albums. Another clue to his abilities on this album would be his contribution to the recent Sek Loso cover album, which got a lot of attention on YouTube.

The last song on the album is Sayan Sanya himself covering a Carabao song–“บาปบริสุทธิ์” (Sin/Innocence)–which is pretty cool. I haven’t translated that Carabao song yet, but is about love dying after marriage (treated in a comic way).*

This is one of Warner Music Thailand’s “gold edition” CDs, which means it has special packaging and bonus materials, in this case a little canvas bag with the title of the album on it.

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2) พบรักปากน้ำโพ Pop Rak Bpak Nam Po (Find Love in Pak Nam Pho)
13) ฝากเพลงลอยลม Fak Playng Loy Lom (Entrust This Song to the Wind)

*This the Carabao song covered by Sanyan Sanya “บาปบริสุทธิ์” (“Sin/Innocence”)  was originally published on มนต์เพลงคาราบาว Mon Playng Carabao (The Spell of Carabao songs), a tribute album of covers for the Carabao 25th Anniversary) REVIEWED HERE but no longer available. The song บาปบริสุทธิ์” (“Sin/Innocence”) was written by Lek Carabao.