Rest in Peace ดุก คาราบาว Duk Carabao (ลือชัย งามสม Luechai Ngaamsom)

ลือชัย งามสม Luechai Ngaamsom aka ดุก คาราบาว Duk Carabao passed away presumably on March17, 2004 (when we all heard the news). He had been playing with Carabao in recent days so this comes as a shock to all. He was the keyboardist. He could also play trumpet. According to P’Lek’s eulogy on his Facebook page Lek Carabao Solo, he was a friend of Lek’s from way back, even before Lek’s band President. He says they formed a band together called “The Mission” which was Lek’s first experience fully being a professional musician and P’Duk was the band leader. That band lasted three years but P’Lek stayed friends with P’Duk until Lek rejoined Carabao for the album “วิชาแพะ” Wecha Pe (The Subject of [Scape]goats) in 1991, and he introduced him to P’Add. Then P’Duk joined the Carabao being fully involved with the album สัจจะสิบประการ Satja Sip Bragan (Ten Truths) in 1992, and has been with Carabao ever since.

I met him once and he was very friendly and welcoming. I’m sure other fans have had the same experience. I extend my deep sympathies to the family, the band, and the other fans, and thank P’Duk for 3 decades of great music.

When I searched at my website for songs in which Duk Carabao has explicit writing credits, I got this song, ในนามแห่งความรัก Nam Heng Rak (In the Name of Love) from 1994. The credits say “By ยืนยง โอภากุล Yuenyong Opakul, aka แอ๊ด คาราบาว Add Carabao; ลือชัย งามสม Luechai Ngaamsom aka ดุก คาราบาว Duk Carabao; ขจรศักดิ์ หุตะวัฒนะ Kajonsak Hudtawattana aka หมี คาราบาว Mee Carabao. This song is a hidden gem and you can hear the keyboard.