เว้นวรรค Wen-Wak (Some Space)

Music and Lyrics by แอ๊ด คาราบาว Aed Carabao
The song is dated ๑๔ มีนาคม ๒๕๔๙ (March 12, 2006)
It came out on the album ตะวันตกดิน Dtawan Dtok Din (The Sun Sets), a solo album of งยืนยง โอภากุล Yuenyong Opakul or แอ๊ด คาราบาว Aed Carabao

Note: The term “เว้นวรรค” “wayn-wok” means “interval” or “spacing” and seems to be used here similar to the way English speakers would say “We need some space” or “Let’s take a break.” This song is dated March 12, 2006. According to Wikipedia, on September 19, 2006, “the Royal Thai Army staged a coup d’etat against the elected caretaker government of Prime Minister Taksin Shinawatra. Planning for the coup started about February 2006. . . . Rumors of unrest in the armed forces and possible takeover plots swirled for months leading to the event.” According to Thai Wikipedia, there were many Songs for Life artists and music stars with the crowds gathering to drive out Prime Minister Taksin Shinawatra, but not Carabao or Aed Carabao. Someone asked his opinion and he immediately wrote this song, which was interpreted to mean he thought Prime Minister Taksin should step down.* At this site, I try to post these translations without too much commentary; but now you have more information for your own musical or historical analysis.

gâe kăi rát-tà-tam-má-noon
Fix the constitution
hâi pêrm poon pŏn pêua bprà-chaa
to increase results for the people
bpông gan má-nút gaan meuang wan nâa
Protect against people in future political affairs
sà-wăeng hăa bprà-yòht sài dton …
[just] looking for their own benefit

หนังสือยังมีเว้นวรรค ความรักเว้นวรรคกันได้
năng-sĕu yang mee wén wák kwaam rák wén wák gan dâai
Books still have spaces. Love can also have spacing
ความชังเพิ่มขึ้นมากมาย แก้ได้ด้วยการเว้นวรรค
kwaam chang pêrm kêun mâak maai gâe dâai dûay gaan wén wák
Hatred can increase and increase to a high level. This can be remedied with spacing
เสียสละแล้วค่อยพิสูจน์ ความจริงคงต้องประจักษ์
sĭa sà-là láew kôi pí-sòot kwaam jing kong dtông bprà-jàk
Make a sacrifice, then gradually verify [if the other side reciprocates]. [In the end] the truth must become clear.
ถ้าประชาชนยังรัก สักวันจะต้องกลับมา
tâa bprà-chaa chon yang rák sàk wan jà dtông glàp maa
If the people still love, one day [they] must come back.

ลดทอนอุณหภูมิ ของความรุ่นแรง
lót ton un-hà-poom kŏng kwaam rûn raeng
Lower the temperature of harshness
ทุกหัวระแหง เขม่งเกียวจ้องตา
túk hŭa rá-hăeng kameng gieow jông dtaa
Everywhere people are glaring suspiciously at each other
ผีเมืองกระซิบ ลางร้ายจะมา
pĕe meuang grà síp laang ráai jà maa
The ghosts of the city whisper of evil omens coming
เลือดและน้ำตา คนไทยจะไหลโลมดิน
lêuat láe nám dtaa kon tai jà lăi lohm din
The blood and tears of Thai people will flow to caress the land

เดือนพฤษภาทมิฬ ฉันยินเสียงปืนกึกก้อง
deuan préut-sà-paa tá-min chăn yin sĭang bpeun gèuk gông
Cruel May [1992] I hear/feel the sound of the guns resounding**
สาดใส่พ่อแม่พี่น้อง อยู่บนสะพานผ่านฟ้า
sàat sài pôr mâe pêe nóng yòo bon sà-paan pàan fáa
The lashing into [our] mothers, father, sisters, and brothers at Sapaan Paan Fai [The King’s Bridge]***
ความกลัววิ่งมาจับใจ ความตายถูกแบกหามมา
kwaam glua wîng maa jàp jai kwaam dtaai tòok bàek hăam maa
Fear speeds over to impress itself on the heart. Death is carried on its back
บอกตัวเองว่าขออำลา หลีกเร้นจากความรุนแรง
bòk dtua ayng wâa kŏr am laa lèek ráyn jàak kwaam run raeng
Tell oneself “I’m outta here,” get out of the way, and hide from the violence****

ถอยกันคนละก้าว เพื่อก้าวต่อไป
tŏi gan kon-lá gâao pêua gâao dtòr bpai
Everyone retreat their different steps, so afterward we can move forward
bprà-chaa-típ-bpà-dtai jà dâai kem-kăeng
Democracy will gain strength
เพื่อแผ่นดินไทย ทำไมต้องจ่ายแพง
pêua pàen din tai tam-mai dtông jàai paeng
For Thailand, why must we buy [it] expensively?
ลดความรุ่นแรง สง่างามด้วยการเว้นวรรค
lót kwaam rûn raeng sà-ngàa ngaam dûay gaan wén wák
In a dignified way, [we can] lower the harshness by taking a break [by means of spacing]

เว้นวรรค เว้นวรรค เว้นวรรค เว้นวรรค
wén wák wén wák wén wák wén wák
Some space, some space, some space.
เว้นวรรค เว้นวรรค เว้นวรรค เว้นวรรค
wén wák wén wák wén wák wén wák
Some space, some space, some space
เว้นวรรค เว้นวรรค เว้นวรรค เว้นวรรค
wén wák wén wák wén wák wén wák
Some space, some space, some space
เว้นวรรค เว้นวรรค
wén wák wén wák
Some space, some space

pêua gâe kăi rát-tà-tam-má-noon
In order to fix the Constitution
hâi pêrm poon pŏn pêua bprà-chaa
In order to increase the results for people
bpông gan má-nút gaan meuang paai nâa
To protect [against] people in future political affairs
sà-wăeng hăa bprà-yòht sài dton
[just] looking for their own benefit

ก็มันไม่มีทางออกอื่นแล้ว บ้านเมืองเราถึงทางตัน
gôr man mâi mee taang òk èun láew bâan meuang rao tĕung taang dtan
Afterall, there’s no other way out now. Our country has arrived at a dead end.
jà bàai nâa bpai sòo ná-rók sà-wăn
[We]’ll head towards heaven or hell
ประเทศไทยนั้น อยู่ที่คนหนึ่งคน…เว้นวรรค!
bprà-tâyt tai nán yòo têe kon nèung kon … wén wák
That Thailand, there, it’s up to one person . . . [Take] a break!

*Entry for “2006 Thai coup d’etat” accessed December 26, 2016.

**According to the Wikipedia entry for this event, referred to in English, “Black May 1992”: Black May is a common name for the 17–20 May 1992 popular protest in Bangkok against the government of General Suchinda Kraprayoon and the bloody military crackdown that followed. Up to 200,000 people demonstrated in central Bangkok at the height of the protests. The military crackdown resulted in 52 officially confirmed deaths, many disappearances, hundreds of injuries, and over 3,500 arrests.”

***[Protesters] were halted at Phan Fa Bridge, which had been barricaded with razor wire by the police . . . a group of demonstrators attempted to break through the barricade, but were repulsed by water cannons from four fire trucks blocking the way. The protesters then tried to commandeer one of the fire trucks, but were beaten back by riot police armed with batons. Protesters replied with stones and Molotov cocktails. Chamlong [leader of the protesters] used a loudspeaker to urge the marchers not to attack the police, but his words were ignored. In this initial clash, about 100 protesters and 21 policemen were injured.”

****Aed Carabao explains in interviews that “ทะเลใจ” “Telay Jai,” from the album พฤษภา Pruksapa (May) which he did with his twin brother Eed Opakul, was written immediately after returning home from the Black May event (also called Bloody May). “Telay Jai” is possibly Aed Carabao’s most famous song and is also one of the songs his is most proud of; it is very Buddhist and is about finding peace in your own heart.