มหาจำลอง รุ่น 7 Maha Jamlong Run 7 (The Great Chamlong, Generation 7)

By คาราบาว Carabao
Album: ประชาธิปไตย Bprachaatipbpadtai (Democracy) (1986)
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Some of the meaning  is lost in translation and some of it is lost in the sands of time, but you will get the gist of  this song from 1986, which explains why the people of Bangkok elected Chamlong Srimuang as their governor. Basically he was extremely religious and so trusted to be honest. Perhaps an American analogy would be the election of Jimmy Carter as President of the United States; he was also viewed as someone who would be super honest and scandal-free because of his religion. Chamlong Srimuang went on to do many other things that no one could foresee in 1986, including lead the anti-miliary uprising of May 1992 and help the Yellow Shirt shut down Thailand’s two airports during protests in 2008 . I post the song for historical purposes and not as an endorsement of his whole career. He appears to be a complicated and controversial figure. Read more about him at wikipedia.

tĕung ngaan nàk bpaan dai mâi tŏi
However hard the work, [you] don’t retreat
gèp moon fŏi sĭa jon glîang dtaa
Pick up waste until bleary eyed
tĕung nám tûam kwák tôr dòot jing
When the water floods sucking everything out of the pipes.
hâeng reo jing pìt hŏo pìt dtaa
It dries real fast, its so surpassing!*
yàang măa nâo dtaai glèuan tà-nŏn
Like a dead rotten dog spread all over the road
prór rót chon dtaai yàang măa
Because a car hit and killed it like a dog
pôr má-hăa long klia péun têe
The great father comes down and clears it off completely
sòp măa mâi mee glìn mĕn mâi maa
No dog corpse, no bad smell . . .

kon táng meuang kăo lêuak má-hăa jam-long
All the people in the capital vote for the great Chamlong
bpen pôo wâa jam-long kŏng gor tor mor
To be Governor Chamlong of Bangkok**
kon táng meuang kăo lêuak má-hăa jam-long
All the people in the capital vote for the great Chamlong
เอาไปใช้งาน (เอาไปใช้งาน เอาไปใช้งาน)
ao bpai chái ngaan ( ao bpai chái ngaan · ao bpai chái ngaan )
to be put to use [in a practical way] (to be put to use, to be put to use)
ao bpai chái ngaan
to be put to use

dâai ngern deuan mâi ao bpai chái
[He] receives a salary and doesn’t spend it
กินง่ายๆ กินถั่วกินงา
gin ngâai ngâai gin tùa gin ngaa
Eats simply. Eats beans and sesame seeds
pát-tá-naa ngern hòk-pan-láan
Develops 6 billion in funds
túk sà-dtaang mâi dtông gang-kăa
Not a penny of it, we need to doubt
chaao bprà-chaa mâi dtông wàat sĭeow
The citizens don’t have to watch their backs***
mâi mee kîeow lâak pá-sù-taa
There aren’t fangs dragging on the ground [dredging for food]****
chaao bprà-chaa paa gan waang jai
The people are all giving him their trust
prá tam nam bpai ráp chái bprà-chaa chon
Buddha’s teachings lead [him] to serve the people

má-hăa jam-long keu kŏng jing
The Great Chamlong is the real thing!
mâi àep ing raai gaan kun kŏr maa
Not citing a list of things people ask for
mee wí-chaa táng prá-dtrai-bpì-dtòk
Has knowledge of the whole Triptaka [Bhuddist Scriptures]
บุ๋น บู้ ทหารบก เคยยกทัพโยธา
bŭn bôo ta-hăan-bòk koie yók táp yoh-taa
Bun Boo army officer once marched an army on Yotha
คนรุ่นใหม่ความหวังใหม่ คนรุ่นใหม่
kon rûn mài kwaam wăng mài kon rûn mài
People of the new generation. New hope. People of the new generation
คนไทย เมืองไทยเราพัฒนา
kon tai meuang tai rao pát-tá-naa
Thai people, Thailand, we develop

bpen pôo nam tâan nam bàep gào
He is a leader who leads in the old style
หนักกระเป๋า ไม่หนักกระบาล
nàk grà-bpăo mâi nàk grà-baan
A heavy bag, not a hard skull
bor-rí-hăan jon gleun mâi kâo
Administer until you can’t swallow anymore
nêe gào gào yang kaai mâi òk
The old debts you still can’t spit out*****
mâi châi dtòk yám kwaam chám jai
Not accentuating the pain [not rubbing salt in the wounds]
kon rûn mài yang por mee wăng
The young generation still have hope
yàang má-hăa pôo wâa jam-long
like Governor Chamlong
kŏng dee gôr dtôr ngóp òk wâa dee
Good things you have to admit are good.

* “ผิดหูผิดตา” directly means, “wrong to the ears, wrong to the eyes” and together it means “surprising or ‘unusual”
** Thai people very rarely say “Bangkok,” they say “Kruengteap,” and the abbreviation of Krungteap is ก.ท.ม. (G.T.M.) because the whole official name is longer but begins with “Krungteap” meaning “City of Angels.” If I understand correctly, Bangkok is to Kruenteap as Manhattan is to New York City or “NYC”.
*** “ไม่ต้องหวาดเสียว” literally means “don’t need to be apprehensive of a sharp pain”, but altogether it means “don’t need to watch your back.”
**** This means someone using their influence to get whatever they can. The saying is usually “เขี้ยวลากดิน” but the author, presumably Add, seems to have switched “ดิน” to “พสุธา” for the rhyme.
***** If you can’t swallow and you can’t spit out, it means you are stuck in the middle and can’t do anything. Americans might say, “Between a rock and a hard place.” Beyond that, I’m not sure what this is about.